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GSM UAN # +92-33-120-88-888

Contact Sheikh Jee Home furnishings  at our GSM UAN +92-33-120-88-888


You'll be further requested 

•  Dial 1 for the desired department. (List of all the Departments is given below)

•  Dial 2 if you know the extension number. (List of all the extensions is given below)

•  Dial 3 for recording your feedback or complaints, if you may have and you'll be contacted shortly.

List of Departments.

                 #1.  Sheikh Jee Ferosepur Road Lahore.

                 #2.  Sheikh Jee Gallery Fortress Stadium Lahore.

                 #3. or Facebook Sales.

                 #4.  Interior Design Department.

                 #5.  Management

List of Extension Numbers.

                 Ext # 11.  for Sheikh Jee Ferosepur Road Lahore.

                 Ext # 22.  for Sheikh Jee Gallery Fortress Stadium Lahore.

                 Ext # 33.  for or Facebook Sales.

                 Ext # 44.  for Interior Design Department.

                 Ext # 55.  for Management