An Exuberant Collection Of Sheikh Jee’s Home Furnishing Fabrics

An Exuberant Collection Of Sheikh Jee’s Home Furnishing Fabrics

Introducing Timeless Modernity To Your Homes

It is no surprise that over time interiors and furnishing fabrics have shifted to modern art to add a sense of timeless beauty and perfection to your living space. Forget the overtly printed, loud prints and flashy prints and step into the world of modern art. A world marked by subtle minimalism and cool colors. Whether its your curtain fabrics, furniture or home décor pieces, modern art can transform any room into an elegant display of luxury and sophistication.

Create Your Bespoke Home With Sheikh Jee’s Home Furnishing Fabrics

When designing a home inspired by modern art, one has to keep things minimal yet statement, loud yet subtle and Sheikh jee’s Home Furnishing fabrics has got you covered in terms of the finest modern curtain cloth, striking sofa fabrics, and elegant home décor pieces to add the perfect modern touch to your living space. From prints to plains and everything in-between our range of furnishing fabrics will automatically transform your home into a luxurious little heaven for you. So your quest for luxury modern curtains designs is conveniently catered by our wide range of curtain fabrics inspired by modern art.

Elegantly Luxurious Curtain Fabrics

Curtains surely add the finishing touch to any room. So no matter what the color theme, curtain fabrics are to be chosen with utmost care. We combine modern elegance with traditional quality to give you some ravishingly beautiful fabrics for curtains for living room, roman blinds and bedroom curtains.

Luxurious Curtain Fabrics

Curtains are like the show-stoppers. Drape them on any window, in any room and they enhance it in no time. Apart from being functional they add to the style quotient of a room. Apart from being a great choice for home decor, decorative window curtains for the living room also make your space more liveable and cheerful. When placed in bedroom, they not only block direct light also give you the perfection soothing effect.  

Setting Up A Perfectly Dreamy Modern Living Space

When stepping into the world of modern art, ditch the bold patterns and step into playful beautifully illustrated interiors and furnishing fabrics.

To begin with we offer an exquisite range of net curtains that can acta as a great backdrop to your overall ambience. You can read more about the range of curtains available at:

Setting Up A Perfectly Dreamy Modern Living Space

When choosing interiors you can have a lot of margin to play with colors shifting tones from cool to warm, rich and bright shades of blue, yellow, scarlet, shades of violet, Phthalo green, emerald’s and reds. But when it comes to curtain fabrics, less is more. Thus, we would suggest a white charmingly delicate white sheer curtains to complement your interiors.

The charm of white curtains spread across sweeping windows in your living area is absolutely timeless. If you want your room to be well lit, dreamy and sublime then do get those mesmerizing white modern curtains to get this effect. You can experiment with various textures and fabrics for the same because white curtains never really go away out of fashion. If you aren’t a fan of whites, you can always go for off whites, skin, beige to match your modern furniture and other décor. Just like this absolutely stunning drawing room with double curtains.

From curtain fabrics to sofa cloth and decorative pieces including classical table lamp, reflects modernism in its true essence. Revamping your space? We can help you setup your home with pure luxury! 

Add A Fun Modern Touch To Your Living Space

Although not suggested for bedroom curtains, golden curtain fabrics can enhance your living room in a spur of a moment. Recommended right from the heavens, golden curtain fabrics are simply a class apart. With all their sheen, texture and sophistication, this is one of the most beautiful colors for your curtains in the living room. They shine through the day and make your living room elegantly gorgeous. Also as a design choice they work perfectly with modern home decor.

Add A Fun Modern Touch To Your Living Space

We have a wide range of exquisite golden curtains that can go well with minimal interiors and give your home that perfect modern vibe. Pick the curtain fabric of your choice, throw in some gorgeous luxury curtain accessories like curtain ties and hooks and your home looks perfect.

Bold And Quirky Home Décor Inspired By Modern Art

Last but not the least, spice up your space with bold, contemporary and sophisticated decor items for living rooms. From elegant lamps to miniature figures, home decor will certainly make the modernity and class pop out. How to choose the right home decor? Read this article and find out:

Bold And Quirky Home Décor Inspired By Modern Art

Sparkle up your place with elegant mirrors, table lamps, bold decor pieces and all you can think of from our range of luxury home decor. 

Sheikh Jee’s Home Furnishing Fabrics – Luxury Everyone Can Afford

Setting up your home and need ideas on how to add the perfect modern touch? Remember when setting up your home, every small detail matters. And we help you make the right choices without throwing you off your budget! You can pick your favourite curtain designs from our curated ones here and watch it transform your space. Pair them with accent home decor pieces to make your home a place you will want to live in all day! Want us to help you set them up with your home?

Visit our website and get a wide range of furnishing fabrics, sofa cloth, decorative pieces and curtain fabrics online. So hurry up because your modern home is a click away with Sheikh jee’s Home Furnishing Fabrics.