Get a whole new look this Spring as the most anticipated Fresh Arrivals by Sheikh Jee are here!

As the winter ends, we all get excited with the thought of sunshine, warmth and blossoms. Yes, spring is just around the corner. But, the arrival of the new season also asks for unequivocal changes - like a few drop lights for home maybe? Or step up a little and get a few more and make some major changes. By choosing a few unique things and placing them smartly in your home decor, you can remodel them before the season arrives. Without a doubt, we all will agree here that curtains in Pakistan are quite a thing.

Every home that you may step in will have a lavish curtain dangling from the drawing-room window to showcase a luxurious and urbane look. But, selecting a suitable curtain fabric is substantial. Visualize entering a room prettified with richly woven drapes designed by using only sophisticated techniques and extraordinary yarns. Impressive, right? The bespoke designs and magical hues by Sheikh Jee Home Furnishing are all set to add glamour to any room. We believe that your hunt for a refreshed room this season should end here. For this, we have extraordinary fresh arrivals including startling fabrics and impressive accessories like tassels for curtains as well.

Moreover, by exploring the most exciting range of home decor lights, curtain fabric and stunning accessories from our new range, you can easily revamp your home.  But, if you are confused between all the amazing choices, here we have some striking ideas for you.

Get the home decor items online and end the hassle! 


Aiming for a new look with minimal effort? It's time to consider online shopping from the most trustworthy platform possible. This way is not only convenient but also the most effective one. For instance, the new arrivals at Sheikh Jee Home Furnishing are showcased with descriptions and prices for your ease. In this way, you can get a sneak peek of every article and can place an order instantly. The articles included here feature products like home decor accessories, curtain fabric, cushion covers etc. So no matter which article you are hoping to look for, our new arrivals have something for everyone.

The latest curtain designs - a true depiction of exotic elegance and excellence are sure everyone's favourite. The sophistication of the collection's signature fabric and premium quality patterns can add a touch of allure to any space. Surely, with the ability to bring out the most classy and intricate lookout, our curtains in Pakistan are certainly your best pick every time. This might be our speciality but our amazing new arrival range does not just stop here. The list of remarkable products goes on that you would love to explore and choose for your home.  

Get in trend and shop for the modern-looking roman blinds!

Another sector of getting along with the refreshed look of your home is to get ahead of the trend. As much as all Pakistanis love to hang curtains in their living and drawing rooms, the latest trends ask for roman blinds instead. These are not only a great option if you are aiming for a fresh and elegant look but also if you want to keep control of sunlight exposure. Nevertheless, the revamping game doesn't end here. Another great addition that we have for you in-store is our famous cushion covers available online and offline.

These cushion covers are patterned, textured, vibrant and can lift the whole vibe of the room instantly. Simply place any of our cosy and soft cushions on your elegant sofa and get the drool-worthy look. Interestingly, the popping colours and beautiful patterns of the covers are enough for anyone to simply fall in love with it. Don’t trust our words? Come, explore our fresh arrivals variety and scroll through the most iconic cushions, curtains, blinds, accessories and everything nice. Once you have selected your favourite pick, simply place an order and get it delivered safely and effectively to your doorstep. Or you can even visit our offline store and get your favourite article right away. 

Light up your room with the most stylish table lamps!


If you were thinking that table lamps are a thing of the past, you might be wrong. Because no matter which era we live in, a lamp will always be a perfect addition. For this, we have some of the most stylish table lamps available online and offline. When you have everything else sorted out, make sure your room lights up as well. But, if you also want to stay on-trend no matter what, the perfect article to choose is a table lamp only. This does not only give a sophisticated vibe to the place but also adds a touch of grace.

Now we assume that you have the curtains, cushions and lamps sorted out. This marks the right time to move toward the fillers. These are the perfect little home decor items that we all love. Sheikh Jee Home Furnishings have this one sorted out as well. You can go through the fresh arrivals variety and can find some of the most unique, classy and elegant pieces to place in your room. 

With these simple tips, you can rightly step into spring with a stare worthy look. Feel fresh with the freshest arrivals that define elegance, excellence and perfection the best! Come, explore the premium quality articles at Sheikh Jee Home Furnishing.