Grab your favorites from The Grand Annual Sale

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There are times when you feel your home lacks something essential. If this has happened to you recently, now is the right time to pull the trigger on some stylish yet functional home furnishing. But, we all know that good furniture, no matter how small, is quite an investment. To find the right pick that is both - perfect for your home and your pocket is usually a hard pick.

However, this is the right time to dive into the bandwagon. Sheikh Jee brings you the Grand Annual Sale that can bring your home decor to another level without denting your bank account. Read through to know what excellence you should expect from this amazing sale of the season - apart from getting sophistication in budget! Yes, the articles that are loved by all are now accessible as everything is at Flat 50℅ off. Come, get to know what is in store for you. 

Home Decor Items that can brighten up your house! 


Yes, the most stunning home decor items featuring unique designs and artistic looks are all available at Sheikh Jee Home Furnishing. The best part is that shopping on a budget is also not an issue anymore. Because we are offering a gigantic sale - Grand Annual Sale. Here all the precious items like table lamps, decor pieces, cushions and whatnot, are available at Flat 50% off. We all know how much everyone loves fancy curtains in Pakistan. That is why we take pride in offering you the finest curtain fabric you could hope for - that too now at half the price.

All the items that we are talking about are such that they can make any home look brighter than ever! Simply choose the right pick and know exactly where to place it and enjoy how different your home will start looking. To make things easier for you, we'll suggest you get one of the most exquisite decor items from our products and place it over a carefully selected bedside table. Vola! Welcome to a whole new room that feels more sophisticated and elegant now. 

Carefully curated Latest curtain designs that can steal the show! 


Generally, we all love to collect furniture that can make our home look perfect. But, is it necessary to get furniture at the cost of an arm and a leg? We say no! About time to make necessary changes in the trend and to purchase beautiful pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. For example, the best way to completely revamp the look of your room is to opt for the most stylish curtain designs in Pakistan. Simply make sure the quality of fabric you choose is premium and nothing less.

Here, Sheikh Jee can make your life easier. Pair these curtains with artistic looking wall art and bring a classy look to your home. Here, an easy solution for you to buy curtains online in Pakistan is also available apart from choosing decor pieces or other home accessories online. 

Pair it all with Abstract Wall Art to bring an elegant lookout!


No matter which room you are looking to revamp. The best way to up the game is to choose an antique decor piece, get an abstract piece of art and paint the walls smartly. Once done, enjoy a completely new look at your room. If you want to add something a bit special, you can play by changing the sofa covers as well. Here, the important factor while choosing a good option is to find a sofa fabric that is soft, easy to clean and is also eye-catching. Everything of such sort is available at Sheikh Jee - that too at Flat 50% off. Finish it off by placing a very unique or carefully selected cushion and bringing it all together so well. So, scroll through the remarkable options available and get ready to revamp the look of your home. 

The options are unlimited and the prices are too low! 

Yes, rejoice because the options available here are sort of unlimited. You can now choose sofa covers, cushions and even curtains for drawing rooms and TV Lounge, bedroom, girls room and boys room - in short, the whole house. But, no matter what you choose, you will have a variety to die for, a quality to come back for and a price you just can't resist.

So, before you make a deal anywhere, scroll through and check out the latest parda designs in Pakistan available here and fall in love with them. Such articles can make or break the whole look of the house easily. That is why we say to complete the classy look of your home - especially the living room, top your interior off with embroidered cushions or artistic wall hangings. 

We all know our homes crave something new every day. Some new additions after a while keep every home up to date and lively. Didn't we say that now is the time to dive into a sale that is too good to be true? Because the furniture articles that are a must in your house are now available at Flat 50% off.

The Grand Annual Sale is LIVE and is being appreciated by all. Let's dive in before the stock runs out or the good things are gone. Wait for nothing, shop offline or place your order online and get it all delivered to your doorstep safely within days. Explore your options and make your house look classically modern by choosing from the chic options.