Redecorate your living space with Sheikh Jee’s Finest Home Furnishing Fabrics

Tired of your bedroom’s dull theme? Now you have the perfect excuse to revamp your bedroom. Because we are here with the finest quality fabrics suitable for all drapery and upholstery purposes for the best curtains in Pakistan. 

After all the bedroom is the space you spend your leisure time in. You sleep, spend the time charging your social batteries in your room. That’s why your room has to look squeaky clean, stylish and a place that reflects your personal style and mood.

What better way to revamp your home décor than to get yourself new curtains stitched and the poshish of your sofa changed? You are in for great news because we are here to offer the finest quality fabric with the most stylish and attractive prints in the range of your budget.

Shifting to a new house? Need new furnish fabrics for all your household needs? We have heard you. That’s why we are here with the latest curtain design in Pakistan. We have made a list of the best designs and fabrics that you should have in your new home to make it look elegant and luxurious.

For a modern touch

We know your contemporary inspired TV lounge has to be top-notch and you secretly wish that it makes everyone compliment your style sense and taste. The latest curtain designs require you to have the best fabric. Our first pick for your windows is this elegant and minimal fabric that can be used for all curtains and blinds. The high-strength and glossy silk jacquard in the most alluring mustard color is the talk of the town these days.

This fabric has a perfect fall and can be stitched in any kind of curtain because of the perfect fall of the fabric. You can use this fabric as a sofa cloth as well because it gives a modern and contemporary outlook to your room. The fabric can be stitched to give a stylish outlook to your bedroom. This fabric is ideal for making curtains for drawing rooms, and TV lounges.

For a lavish and luxury outlook

If you are someone who prefers to have to have golden hues in your house, then you are at the right place because we have the finest curtain fabric with intricate and subtle golden touch to your curtains, blinds or sofa. We have the most stylish fabrics with golden motifs or lines to add a sophisticated look to your home. Such pretty golden hues are available in all the different fabrics such as net, linen, jacquard, textured cotton or sheer fabrics.

For the love of blue

You must have heard that the blue color adds a refreshed effect to any space in an instance. So if you want a completely fresh and bright room, opt for a blue net curtain or a linen curtain. The blue color will instantly give your room a bright room that will calm you down and soothe you after a long day outside. The blue tones are known to give a calming effect to your nerves and add a bright look to your room. That’s why blue color is the best color if you want an entirely different look for your living space.

This velvet fabric in the finest and most subtle shade of blue will add a luxuriously fashionable look to your home. This fabric can be stitched into an exquisite blind or a fancy curtain. If you are looking for an even more extravagant look you can get it stitched into a double curtain with a contrasting blind at the back.

The right amount of green in the house

Velvet can make your room extremely elegant and stylish. Velvet can be used as an ideal sofa fabric due to its durable and dust-proof texture. And green color is known to cure depression and inculcate a very pleasant mood. Thus this green velvet fabric is a perfect choice for all your drapery and upholstery uses. This can be stitched into a very elegant green curtain with contrasting rugs and carpets for a unique theme for your bedroom. Green color can have other benefits for you as well apart from curing depression and inducing a very pleasant mood.


The brightest red tones for your room

For all the rooms that you want to give a modern touch to, this red motif pattern on an off-white base is the best option. From the fabrics available for curtains in Pakistan this one is sure to steal the show because of its sophisticated and luxurious feel. This Victorian inspired pattern can be ideal for blinds and curtains. The fabric is durable, easy to wash and has a slightly glossy finish. Your curtain will have the most flawless fall because of the finest jacquard fabric. You can always contrast it with your favorite colors because this curtain fabric is made to give your homes a unique and distinctive style.

I hope you find this blog very informational while looking for curtain and furnishing fabrics to redecorate your little paradise on earth! Happy Shopping!