Product Code: Prinze-ALC-3001DGW-Apple Green/White
Product Code: Prinze-ALC-3001DGW-Apple Green/White

Product Code: Prinze-ALC-3001DGW-Apple Green/White



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Prinze is a soft and elegant Weave Comforter in neutral beige and eye-pleasing apple green colors, which makes it an ideal choice for the summer months, or for warmer climates where natural fibers offer the greatest comfort. Ultimate bedding option. Recent scientific studies have shown that when sleeping under Cotton, your body tends to relax, resulting in a more tranquil and rested condition and a more refreshed feeling on waking


 The product integrity is going to stay intact for good 10 years. Nevertheless, we want to share with you some of the features, Dos and Donts of this article
With every wash, this fabric will get relaxed and become softer without losing its strength
Cotton is easy to care for: wash it with a mild, liquid detergent, with the washing machine set to a gentle cycle and a cold wash/rinse to prevent the blanket from shrinking. When it's time to dry, set your dryer to ?delicate? and dry the blanket with a medium heat
 High heat, excessive agitation and overloaded washer or dryer will damage this product and we recommend to deal with it gently!
 The material used in this product is Biodegradable

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