Product Code: Radiant-ALC-6001-Black/White

Product Code: Radiant-ALC-6001-Black/White



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With the versatility of its double-sided weave, this Weave Comforter complements every interior beautifully. This ultra-soft and pleasant fabric gives you all the benefits of pure Cotton while helping you enjoy deep and relaxing sleep on your bed, sofa, or favorite patio chair. Hygroscopic-absorbs moisture, remains cool and Thermoregulating; warm in winter, cool in summers 100% Cotton
Proudly made in Pakistan

? The product integrity is going to stay intact for good 10 years. Nevertheless, we want to share with you some of the features, Dos and Don?ts of this article
? With every wash, this fabric will get relaxed and become softer without losing its strength
? Cotton is easy to care for: wash it with a mild, liquid detergent, with the washing machine set to a gentle cycle and a cold wash/rinse to prevent the blanket from shrinking. When it's time to dry, set your dryer to ?delicate? and dry the blanket with a medium heat
? High heat, excessive agitation and overloaded washer or dryer will damage this product and we recommend to deal with it gently!
? The material used in this product is Biodegradable

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